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Combat Academy

Combat Academy


Note: The Combat Academy cannot be built until you have a level 3 Barracks (or three level 1 Barracks, or another equivalent) and have finished the research in the University .

The Combat Academy is where your Knights in Training will train to become Knight Guards. This also allows them to level up without a risk of dying to mobs. A new Knight in Training will need a bed in a house in order to spawn. However, once they are hired at the Combat Academy, that becomes their new residence and the bed in the house will open up for another new citizen (child or recruit).

The number of students that can be trained at a time depends on the level of the Academy.

Combat Academy Level Max # of Students
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5

The Knights in Training require a sword and shield to practice. They will attack the practice dummies, a pumpkin on top of a bale of hay.

The Knights in Training are not actual Guards even though they will be dressed as Knight Guards. They will not help defend the colony.

Combat Academy GUI

When accessing the Combat Academy’s hut block by right-clicking on it, you will see a GUI with different options:

Combat Academy GUI

  • Hut Level: Tells you the type of hut and the build level of the building you have selected.
  • Worker Assigned: Tells you the worker assigned to this building and their worker level. The worker levels up in time by working. The higher their level, the faster and more efficient they will be.
  • Manage Workers: Lets you change which worker is assigned to work at this hut. There can only be one worker at each hut. Note: this only works if you have turned the worker hiring mode in the Town Hall block to manual, otherwise your citizens will be hired automatically.
  • Recall Worker: Recalls the worker at this building to their hut block. You might use it if they are stuck somewhere, you want to see what they have, or want to give them something directly.
  • Build Options: Lets you create a build, upgrade, reposition, or repair build order for this hut. To learn more about the building system, please visit the Builder page.
  • Delivery Priority: You can set the priority that a Courier will visit this hut and pick up items (when the worker at this hut issues a request), or you can tell Couriers to never visit this hut to pick up items. You can also tell a Courier to do a pickup now using the Request Pickup Now button. (For the pickup priority, 10 is the highest.)
  • List of Recipes and Teach Recipe: When clicking the list of recipes button, you see all the recipes you have taught this hut and can remove them. When clicking teach recipe, it opens a crafting grid which allows you to teach this hut recipes (not the worker).
  • Inventory: Here you can access the hut block's storage, where the worker at this hut takes and deposits materials. They will also use any racks or chests that were placed in the hut when it was built or upgraded, so be sure to check those as well!
  • ?: Some huts have an in-game guide. Press the ? button to access it.
  • A chest icon: Click this button to see all the items in the hut's storage (including the hut block's inventory and any racks/chests that came with the hut). Clicking the ? button next to an item's count will highlight the storage container it's in.

This is page two of the Combat Academy GUI.

Combat Academy GUI 2
  • Minimum Stock: Use this button to tell the Combat Academy to keep a minimum stock on hand. Set items will be displayed above the button.

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