Farmer's Hut

The Farm is where the Farmer will grow crops for your colony. The crops the Farmer currently cultivates are wheat, carrots, potatoes, beets, melons, pumpkins, and most crops from other mods (as long as they have normal growth behavior). Before the Farmer can start, you will have to give the Farmer a hoe, an axe (for harvesting crops), and the crop you want to cultivate.

The Farmer will also craft seeds, carved pumpkins, hay bales, composted dirt, and coarse dirt. They will only make items when they have been taught the recipes, receive a request for an item, and have the needed materials.

Note: The Farmer can only learn a set number of recipes based on their hut level. So:

Hut Level Recipes
1 10
2 20
3 40
4 80
5 160

For the Farmer to start, you will also need to place fields. Place the Field block (it looks like a scarecrow) in the plot of farmland you want the Farmer to work on and right-click on it to access its GUI. Here you will place the seed of the crop you want this specific field to cultivate. (For potatoes, carrots, and other plants without seeds, just put the raw potato/carrot/etc in the Field.) If you decide later to change the type of crop you want cultivated in that farmland, just go into the Field’s GUI and switch the seed there.

Field Field GUI

You can click on the arrows to increase the size of the area the Farmer will farm. (Right-clicking will decrease the area.) The max size is 5 blocks in each direction from the Field block, or 11x11 total.

IMPORTANT: The Farmer will farm up to five Fields, depending on the level of the Farm. The level of the Farm is the number of Fields the Farmer can cultivate:

Farm Level Fields
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5

Farmer's Hut

Block icon for the Farmer's Hut building





Research: No research is required for this building.

Farmer’s Hut GUI

Main tab of the Farmer's Hut it's GUI

The first tab of the GUI is the main interface.

  • Header:
    • Building Name: Shows the name of the building, including the level of the building.
    • Pencil: Allows you to rename the building. The level of the building will always be listed after the name.
    • Assigned Workers: Tells you the worker assigned to this building.
  • Controls:
    • Manage Workers: Lets you change which worker is assigned to work at this hut. There can only be one worker at each hut. Note: this only works if you have turned the worker hiring mode in the Town Hall block to manual, otherwise your citizens will be hired automatically.
    • Recall Worker: Recalls the worker at this building to their hut block. You might use it if they are stuck somewhere, you want to see what they have, or want to give them something directly.
    • Build Options: Lets you create a build, upgrade, or repair build order for this hut. To learn more about the building system, please visit the Builder page.
  • Request system:
    • Pickup Priority: You can set the priority that a Courier will visit this hut and pick up items (when the worker at this hut issues a request), or you can tell Couriers to never visit this hut to pick up items. (For the pickup priority, 10 is the highest.)
    • Request Pickup Now: You can click this button in order to tell any available Courier to come and pick up all the items from the building.
  • Footer:
    • Info Button: Some huts have an in-game guide. Press the ? button to access it.
    • Inventory: Here you can access the hut block’s storage, where the worker at this hut takes and deposits materials. They will also use any racks that were placed in the hut when it was built or upgraded, so be sure to check those as well!
    • Chest Icon: Click this button to see all the items in the hut’s storage (including the hut block’s inventory and any racks that came with the hut). Clicking the ? button next to an item’s count will highlight the storage container it’s in.
Crafting recipes tab of the Farmer's Hut it's GUI

The second tab of the GUI is the crafting recipes.

Here you can see all the crafting recipes this building knows. The arrows allow you to move them up or down in priority. You are also able to disable or remove specific recipes.

  • Teach Recipe: When clicking teach recipe, it opens a crafting grid which allows you to teach this hut recipes (not the worker).
Tasks tab of the Farmer's Hut it's GUI

The third tab of the GUI is the tasks.

This tab shows you any requests the hut is working on, and where it is going.

Settings tab of the Farmer's Hut it's GUI

The fourth tab of the GUI is the settings.

  • Request Fertilizer: On by default. This lets you choose whether the Farmer will request fertilizer.

  • Recipe Mode: This is unlocked by researching Warehouse Master in the University. This changes how multiple recipes for the same item are prioritized.

    • Priority: This is the default setting. The hut will try to use recipes that are higher up in their recipe list first.

    • Warehouse Stock: The hut will look in the warehouse first to see what resource you have more of before deciding what recipe it will use.

Fields tab of the Farmer's Hut it's GUI

The fifth tab of the GUI is the fields.

  • Assign fields to worker: Automatic by default. Here you can define if you prefer to manually assign the fields for this Farmer’s Hut.
  • Fields: This is the list of recognized fields (recognizable by the crop in its GUI and its distance). This button can show in multiple different ways:
    • If the button shows a red X, it means the field is assigned to the Farmer’s Hut
      • If it’s not greyed out, it may be assigned from the building
      • If it’s greyed out, it may not be assigned from the building, that can happen due to multiple reasons
        • The fields are assigned automatically
        • The field has a different reason why it may not be assigned, like a limit of fields reached (hover over the button)
    • If the button shows a green checkmark, it means the field is unassigned to the Farmer’s Hut
      • If it’s greyed out, it means it may not be unassigned because the fields are being assigned automatically
      • If it is not greyed out, it may be assigned
Stock tab of the Farmer's Hut it's GUI

The sixth tab of the GUI is the minimum stock.

Use this button to tell the Farmer’s Hut to keep a minimum stock on hand. Set items will be displayed above the button.

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