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The Tavern is like a House in that it houses citizens, however, the Tavern houses four instead of one and can’t be upgraded to house more.

Every so often, visitors will come to the Tavern. You can recruit these visitors (with items) to live and work in your colony. Don’t attack them, they’ll fight back! Upgrading the Tavern will garner more and better visitors.

Recruiting used to be part of the Town Hall but has been moved here.

Note: The Tavern can only be upgraded to level 3, not level 5. You can also only have 1 Tavern per colony.

Tavern GUI

When accessing the Tavern’s hut block by right-clicking on it, you will see a GUI with different options:

Tavern Hut GUI

  • Hut Level: This tells you the level of the hut you have selected.
  • Assign Citizens: This lets you change which citizens are assigned to this hut. If it says Assign 0 Citizens, that means you've run out of room in this hut to house citizens and will have to remove some (the button underneath their name) to add more. Note-this only works if you have turned the housing assignment mode in the Town Hall block to manual, otherwise your citizens will be housed automatically.
  • Build Options: This lets you create a build, upgrade, reposition, or repair build order for this hut. To learn more about the building system, please visit the Builder page.
  • Recall Citizens: Teleports all the citizens living here to the hut block.
  • Inventory: This opens an inventory space where you can store anything you like, as the citizens staying in the hut don't use it.
  • ?: Some huts have an in-game guide. Press the ? button to access it.
  • A chest icon: Click this button to see all the items in the hut's storage (including the hut block's inventory and any racks/chests in the hut). Clicking the ? button next to an item's count will highlight the storage container it's in.

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