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Twitch Installation

If you want to play on the MineColonies Official 1.14.4 Server, we highly recommend using Twitch to always be up to date with all the mods we use in our official server.

  • Click on the text below the Twitch logo to download the Twitch client. On that page, select download for PC or MAC and begin your download.

Twitch Logo

Download the Twitch client here!

  • Once you have downloaded the Twitch client, run the installation and login to the Twitch client.

Sign up to Twitch if you haven’t yet, or convert your old Curse account to a Twitch account.

Twitch Login

Installation of the Modpack through the Twitch Client

On the top bar of the Launcher, look for the tab called Mods. Click on it and then select Minecraft.

Launcher Mods

Enable Minecraft

The Twitch client will prompt you to “Enable Minecraft”, which will restart the launcher.

Enable Minecraft

Install Minecraft

Click on the Install button. Use the Advanced option if you want to select another location for the installation folder. The default folder is C:/Users/(your user)/Documents/Curse/Minecraft.

Install Minecraft

Browse Modpacks

After the installation is done, select Browse all Modpacks.

Browse Modpacks

Search for MineColonies Pack

Type in the search bar “MineColonies.” Once you see “MineColonies Official” (by Kostronor, H3lay, 1_Wissi_1. Asherslab81358, D3miurge), click on “Install”.

Selecting the Modpack

Launch Profile

Once the installation is finished downloading all the mods, click on PLAY.

Play the Modpack


Login to your Minecraft account.

Login to Minecraft

Click Play in Minecraft Launcher

Click the green play button if it’s already set to “MineColonies Official”. If not, then a couple substeps are needed.

Play Modpack

Open Profiles List

Click the green arrow (pointing up) to select your profile.

Select Profile

Select MineColonies

Click the “MineColonies Official” profile. Then you’re ready to click Play!

Select Profile 2

Select Multiplayer

When Minecraft has loaded up, click on the Multiplayer button.

Loaded Minecraft

Select our Server

Finally, click on MineColonies Official 1.14.4! The server info will be set up already.

Join the Official Server

That’s it! Good luck, have fun. See you in the server.

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