String Sifter Mesh

Flint Sifter Mesh

Iron Sifter Mesh

Diamond Sifter Mesh

Meshes can only be crafted by certain MineColonies crafters.

MineColonies adds four meshes, used by the Sifter to sift through items. The Sifter will automatically unlock these recipes for your colony once the requirements are met. String meshes are the most fragile, followed by flint meshes, while iron is more durable, and diamond the most resilient. Better meshes can also sift out materials earlier meshes would have missed.

Mesh Requires Crafter Cost
String Sifter’s Hut at least level 1 Fletcher 1 String
Flint Sifter’s Hut at least level 3 Stonemason 1 Flint
Iron Sifter’s Hut at least level 4 Blacksmith 1 Iron Ingot
Diamond Sifter’s Hut at least level 5 Mechanic 1 Diamond

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