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The multi-piston looks like a smooth andesite block with a hole in each face. It lets you move multiple blocks at a time.

The multi-piston can be crafted at the Mechanic’s Hut.

The Multi-Piston’s GUI

Place the multi-piston beside, above, or below the blocks you want to move, then right-click it to open the GUI.

Multi-Piston GUI

You will see 4 blue arrows, a + and a - with Range: and Speed: in the center. The arrows refer to the cardinal directions, up for North, down for South, right for East, and left for West. The + is to raise and the - is to lower. The range is 10 blocks and the speed: is 1-3, 3 being the fastest.

You will need to left-click on one of the arrows, +, or - and it will turn green. This shows the directions the blocks will move when the multi-piston is activated by redstone. Then right-click on another arrow, +, or - for the direction the blocks will move when the redstone signal is off. This arrow will turn red.

Note: To set the red arrow, the blocks that you want to move must already be there.

Note: All blocks being moved must be the same in order to work.

Note: There must be enough room for all the blocks to move or it will stop.

Multi-Piston GUI

Multi-Piston GUI

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