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Worker System

Sleep If it is raining, snowing, nighttime, or a citizen died yesterday (in-game time), your citizens will stop working!


When hiring a worker at a hut, the primary trait used in that work will be highlighted in green and the secondary trait in yellow to help you decide which citizen is the best worker for the job. The higher a worker’s level, the faster and more efficient they will be.


These skills make up the worker’s level. The formula is (Primary Trait + Secondary Trait)/4 = Level (rounded down).

For example, if Adaptability is the primary trait and Athletics secondary, and the worker assigned has Adaptability 29 and Athletics 16, then (29+16)/4=11.25.That means that this worker’s level will be 11!

Workers’ skills/levels increase as they work. Their level is limited by the level of the worker’s home. The level of a worker’s work hut and their Intelligence skill level affect the speed that they level up.

Home Level Max Worker Level
0 1
1 5
2 10
3 15
4 20
5 100

A chart of all the jobs and their traits, from sikri(#2346) on Discord:

Jobs and Skills

Tool/Sword Levels

The type of tools/swords workers can use depends on the level of a worker’s work hut.

Work Hut Level Max (Vanilla) Tool/Sword Level Max (Tinker’s Construct) Tool/Sword Level
0 Wood or Gold (+ 0 enchantments) Mining level of Stone
1 Stone + 0 enchantments (OR wood/gold + 1 enchantment) Mining level of Iron
2 Iron + 0 enchantments (OR wood/gold + 2 enchantment OR stone + 1 enchantment) Mining level of Diamond
3 Diamond + 0 enchantments (OR wood/gold + 3 enchantments OR stone + 2 enchantments OR Iron + 1 enchantment) Mining level of Obsidian
4 All Tools + 0 enchantments (OR wood/gold + 4 enchants OR Stone + 3 enchants OR Iron + 2 enchants OR diamond + 1 enchant) Mining level of Cobalt
5 All Tools + unlimited enchantments Any mining level

Bow/Fishing Rod Levels

There is also a system in place for the type of bows and fishing rods workers can use. This also depends on the level of a worker’s work hut.

Work Hut Level Enchantments
0 0 enchantments
1 0 enchantments
2 1 enchantments
3 2 enchantments
4 3 enchantments
5 Unlimited enchantments

Guard Armor Levels

There is also a system in place for the type of armor Guards can use. This depends on the level of their Tower and the worker level of the Guard.

Type of Armor Guard Level Tower Level
Leather 0 - 20 1 - 3
Gold 0 - 20 1 - 4
Chain 0 - 20 2 - 5
Iron 5 - 30 3 - 5
Diamond 15 - 99 4 - 5

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