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Archers are ranged guards that protect your colony. As long as you provide an Archer with a bow, they will protect your colony day and night.

Archers will use armor when provided with some.

Archers don’t require arrows to shoot, but can optionally use them for extra damage if you’ve completed the Consume Arrows research in the University.

The higher an Archer their Agility level, the more damage they’ll do. The higher their Adaptability level, the greater their range will be.

Archer in Training

Archers in Training will train at the Archery to become an Archer. They will use a bow to shoot practice dummies and will level up without a risk of dying to mobs.

Archers in Training are not actual Guards even though they are dressed in the usual Guard clothes. They will not help defend your colony, only Guards will do that.


Archer Male
Archer Female

Primary Trait:


Secondary Trait:


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